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ATIWSMT Is Now Secure. This site is now fully secure. You can now submit data without fear of it falling into the wrong hands. If you do not see a padlock in the address bar please contact us before using the site. Thanks.

Submitted tasks will be processed according to the following:
  1. Estimates will always be given, and the work will not be performed, if the "Estimate First" check box is checked.
  2. When neither the "Pre-authorize" check box nor "Estimate First" are checked, estimates will automatically be given, and the work will not be performed, if:
    1. The task would take longer than the remaining maintenance time available
    2. The task is not considered to be within the scope of maintenance work
  3. When estimates are given, the task will be unsubmitted so that the estimate can be reviewed by the customer and the task resubmitted as approved by checking the "Estimate Approved" check box.
  4. If a task is marked as "Priority" but an estimate is needed per the above, the guaranteed completion time does not start until the approved task is resubmitted.
  5. Estimates will be placed in the Estimates area within the task details.
  6. The time to prepare the estimate will be included in the estimated time to complete the task.
  7. If the "Pre-authorize" check box is checked, the task will be completed without providing an estimate, even if it would result in additional charges.
  8. All authorized tasks are guaranteed to be completed as follows:
    • Premium Program Customers: 1 business day
    • Standard Program Customers: 5 business days unless Priority Service is requested, then 1 business day and the task is performed as billable work.
    • Pay-As-You-Go Customers: 1 business day, billed at $150/hour in 15 minute increments.